Connections Stationary Kit (Review)

(Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.)

In a world of technology the art of letter writing is often forgotten.  With the click of a button a text or email can be sent in a matter of seconds.  Quick responses leave behind the personalization of one’s feelings, thoughts or emotions.  Connections Stationery Kit produced by Byron’s Games makes it easy for kids to reconnect with friends and family around the globe.    

85050351_10157690088936131_8752439558727008256_n“To write is human to receive a letter: Divine!”  ~Susan Lendroth

Remember when getting mail was a highlight of the day?  Bring back these quality moments of the past by teaching your kids the skill of writing a letter.

There are so many variables with letter writing such as, quality penmanship, proper salutations for beginning and ending a letter, placement of punctuation, creating content within the letter, and finalization with a signature.

Each Kit Contains:  twenty-five pieces of high quality stationary paper, twenty-five matching envelopes, twenty-four stickers with six different designs, ball point pen, two (purple and pink) ink stamp pads, and one thank you stamper.


For our family letter writing is important, because we live out-of-state from all immediate family and most of our friends. 

Writing letters and cards is one way my kids still connect with their long distance relationships.  And learning to slow down long enough for each of them to formulate their own personal thoughts is a life skill.

Each child (ages 12, 9, 8) chose a person in their life whom they have not connected with in quite a while.  Upon giving them stationary and an envelope the older two were able to think clearly and properly compose a letter.

The twelve year old chose his former creative writing teacher in Vermont.  They have been pen pals for the last four years.  He wrote his letter in cursive without hesitation.


The nine year old chose a military friend in Japan.  She met her in a scouting group and when they moved she thought it would be exciting to have a friend across the ocean.

Surprisingly, she was able to write her sentences with correct spelling and grammar.

My eight year old needed a little more guidance.  Instructions of where to place the salutation, content and signature were needed.

She even added her own art decorations at the bottom, including a colorful drawing.  Her letter will be received by a friend in North Carolina.         


My only dislike with this product was the unlined stationary paper.  It was difficult for my all of my kids to keep their sentences straight, because they are familiar with writing letters on lined paper. 

And when kids are learning how to write they need that structure of lines to help guide them.

The high quality paper and envelopes made for easy erase marks without ripping the paper.  As a complete kit I highly recommend this product.  It would also make a great gift for a grandparent to give to a grandchild, a friend moving away, family members who live out-of-state or teaching the art of letter writing.

Teach your child to build connections, deepen friendships, show their gratitude, and express their heart and mind using Connections Stationery Kit.  Long after technology becomes obsolete, relationships never expire, nor does the excitement of receiving a letter by mail!

~~Simply Passionate~~





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