Unicorn Dreams

Children simply dream for the sake of engaging their imaginations in a world all their own!  An uncomplicated process without anything hindering their dreams from becoming reality.  Yet, as adults NOT ALL DREAMS become real life experiences.  And seemingly many adults feel as if they are chasing a ‘unicorn’ trying to engage in a world that cannot be.

However, without a ‘dream a forlorn mindset stifles the human spirit.  Because we need ‘dreams’ to keep us alive!    Continue reading

Children’s Spring DVD GIVEAWAY

Spring Has Sprung An Amazing Children’s DVD GIVEAWAY!!!  Thanks to NCircle entertainment for generously providing one LUCKY reader with a prize pack of Guess How Much I Love You- An Enchanting Easter AND Munki And Trunk- Meet The Jungle Crew! 

And if you’re not familiar with either DVD keep reading, for the reason of adding both of these wonderful video’s to your collection.  
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Family Day Trip: Monticello

“I Cannot Live Without Books.” ~Thomas Jefferson

A day trip to Charlottesville, Virginia brings history to LIFE through an enhanced learning experience.  Monticello is the home of Thomas Jefferson, author of The Declaration of Independence, a World Heritage Site, historic plantation and museum.

Plan to spend the entire day exploring one of our ‘Founding Father’s’ original 5,000 acre place of residence.   
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Exercise Is Not Just For Kids

Society has developed several ways to involve children with physical activity, such as sports, aquatics, martial arts, gym time and recess.  And although this is a great way to keep children moving, what happens to all those sedentary adults who SIT, SIT, SIT waiting for their child to be done exercising? 

Adults need  physical activity as well if they want to keep up with those ‘little people.’  Yet how do you incorporate EXERCISE into the family routine AND have everyone enjoy it? 
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IEW (Review)

Words are the expression for communicating with others.  Words have the power to evoke positive and negative emotions.  And written words leave a forever mark on society.  Which is why Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) has created a curriculum Fix It! Grammar for students to master such an important skill.  And the confidence gained by completing each level is truly worth the investment, time, as well as energy it takes to become a successful writer.    
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When The World Keeps Turning

Life is a journey full of highs and lows.  What do you do when some unfortunate circumstance disrupts life, and the only viable option is to somehow keep the world from turning?  Try really hard to get everything around you to pause, yet it does not.  The sun still rises creating a new day, and with it a choice to either exist or make beauty from ashes. Continue reading

A Missing Link

She required nothing from me other than 37-weeks of my body.  Nor did she give me a chance to know her, and I never heard her voice.  Yet, somehow she was a part of who I was, then and now.  And this little girl will forever be a mystery, as the essence of her spirit was never revealed.

So how do you truly connect with someone who has the power for changing YOUR LIFE, but you are powerless to change theirs?   Continue reading

Children’s Awareness And Predators

Protecting children from different ‘types of dangers’ is difficult in a world where a ‘predator’ may just be someone they know.  And not all predators appear to be dangerous.  Yet, lurking within the walls of everyday, ordinary houses are perpetrators of all ages, ethnicities, genders, religions and backgrounds.  Are your kids protected, by means of AWARENESS, that their bodies are ‘Private Property’ and ‘Trespassers’ are in direct violation?      Continue reading