Dry, Itchy Scalp No More

Does your scalp itch throughout the day?  Is your scalp irritated with the shampoo and conditioner you use?  Have you noticed dander build-up on your shoulders or clothes?  If your answer was YES to any of these questions, there is HOPE!

Derma-E has a therapeutic shampoo and conditioner formula that WORKS!

Not only is it formulated to soothe a dry, itchy or flaky scalp, it will nourish, calm and refresh the hair from root to tip.   Continue reading

Slave, Rebel, Spy & Hero On The Eastern Shore

“I can’t go on, Moses!  Then maybe this will help you, Jim.” With that Harriet reached into her pocket and pulled out a silver pistol.  She cocked the gun and aimed it at Jim.  “Live north, Jim, or you’re gonna die here.”  ~Excerpt From Freedombound, Heroes Of History

Her life is a forever legacy.  Daily she would inconvenience herself to convenience another individual, because she thought their life was worth FREEDOM!  Oh, to be immortalized as a history maker, yet she would know none of the fame or wealth, ONLY struggle. 

Let me introduce you to……Harriet Tubman AND my families travel to find her! Continue reading

Starting A Kid’s Business Week 1

It is NEVER too early for teaching kids how to become financially responsible.  With being such an important life skill, it ABSOLUTELY needs to be a part of their maturing years.  And thanks to The Kingdom Code, which has made it possible for my 12-year-old to begin his own business using The Complete Starter Kit

Follow Z’s journey each week as he embarks on learning all the ins-and-outs, as well as the components necessary for successfully developing his business.   
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The Heart Changer Book (Review)

“Life wouldn’t be so hard if we didn’t expect it to be so easy!”

A life lived with perspective produces maturity and deep-rooted character.  And Miriam in The Heart Changer, written by Jarm Del Boccio, Author of the debut book from SchoolhouseTeachers.com, tries to find meaning behind the hardships faced when kidnapped.  Making sense of a senseless situation Miriam quickly learns that ‘Divine Providence’ may be the one controlling the outcome, and she will be forced to surrender to the enemy.       Continue reading

Diversity And Children

“Children Learn By Example And Understand Their World By What They Are Exposed To.”

Living in a ‘melting pot’ access to different cultures is a way of life, with the exception of small towns or suburban areas.  Yet, it is imperative for children to grow-up having positive interactions with different people groups and learning about what makes them wonderfully unique.  Here are a few ways for bringing the ‘world’ into your child’s life! Continue reading

Do’s And Don’t’s Of Infant Loss Or Grief

When someone encounters an infant loss, or any type of grief, there are a few rules that begin to apply.  Life has drastically changed for the person living through this journey, and unless you have walked in ‘their shoes’ explaining such emotions is obscure. 

However, being mindful there are complexities beyond reasoning……..WITH underlying Do’s and Don’t’s for handling life situations, as well as conversations! Continue reading

Dyslexia Gold (Review)

Learning to READ is one of the greatest ‘gifts’ a child will achieve, yet for some reading is a weighted task that produces struggling results.  There is HOPE beyond those daily frustrations which can turn into wonderful moments of joy!

With Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle created by Dyslexia Gold any struggling child, with or without, dyslexia can accomplish the goal of reading in as little as ten minutes a day.  It is simple, fun and effective with long-lasting results.     
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Fighting My Way Through Infant Grief

Navigating through infant grief is a treacherous journey that deeply affects the soul.  It is full of unpredictable surprises unlike any other.  And unless you have walked this journey, it is a path to be endured with patience and perseverance.

Describing this emotional roller coaster is illogical, yet everyday is to be lived with a dignity that surpasses the ordinary.  It is a one-foot in front of the other, with two-steps back kinda life!      
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