A Twisted All-American Fourth of July

Considering all that has happened, this is one Fourth of July to celebrate!  Whether your festivities include backyard bbq’s, pool parties, fireworks or just sipping good-ole fashioned lemonade be proud of being an American.  This country still has the most freedom, and I would not want to live anywhere else.

However, this is a white privilege mindset and not all people feel the same about this All-American holiday.  Frederick Douglass certainly did not!   Continue reading

What Country is This When Snitching is Acceptable?

Recently Governor Ralph Northam, in the state of Virginia, set in motion a way to report anonymously another person, business or church for the lack of social distancing or mask wearing.  It is called a ‘Snitching’ form or as I call it plainly tattle telling.  REALLY………Does this make anyone else outraged?

I had to ask myself what country was this when I found out this information, and rightly so.  As an American citizen living in a supposedly ‘free world’ why on earth would I adhere to such a preposterous mindset and turn in my fellow American, because I think I have the right to do so.  This is ABSOLUTELY ABSURD and here’s why! Continue reading

Healthy Summer, Healthy You Challenge

Summers in full swing, how will you make the most of it?  Let not fear keep you from living life to the fullest.  Each day is a gift given.  Try something new, spend time in nature, remember to connect with those around you, and especially fuel your body with lots of fresh produce!

I challenge you to take this summer to re-charge your mind, body and soul.
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Own Less. Do More.

Life consumed by materialism is not really living!  Anyone can fall prey to the impact of always needing MORE, a consumerism trademark for artificial viability. 

Step back in time a thousands years prior, one finds an ‘Acoma’ people living on a southwest mesa.  Surrounded by only desert, with little resources and outside influences.  Their mentality was SIMPLICITY and continuing on their ancient path of survival.  Excessive free living is possible, even in the United States!
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Life Is More Than Likes Or Followers

Social media the key to an influencers success OR is it? 

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Pinterest are ways to create social hype for products, vendors, brands, businesses or personal experiences.  Yet, the more I find myself swirled inside a world of likes and followings, the more I realize numbers cannot define ME!

As a social media influencer making a difference is what matters and who really cares if someone likes it.  There is more to life than a like or following…..Enough said!

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Natural Remedies For The Whole Family

Summertime brings about aliments of various kinds.  Are you naturally prepared to treat itches, scratches, ticks and other conditions when the skin has more exposure towards the elements?  Be ready with these few household remedies, which will keep everyone safely enduring the effects of summer without all the usual complaints.
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Ancient Nutrition Chocolate Bone Broth Protein (Recipe + GIVEAWAY)

Start your morning off right by adding Chocolate Bone Broth Protein into a smoothie or favorite recipe.  It can even be added into your coffee for supercharging your brain!  A favorite combination of traditional bone broth incorporated with a chocolate sensation for one satisfying moment.  Support your body daily with the right nutrition, because feeling good about who you are is so important, which is why I have partnered with Ancient Nutrition.

Ancient Nutrition is sponsoring this GIVEAWAY for one LUCKY reader to win Ancient Nutrition Chocolate Bone Broth Protein, so keep reading!          
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