People’s Opinions And What Really Matters

Seemingly everyone has an opinion about EVERYTHING!  From social media to magazines to television.  And if not careful believing what other’s say begins to take precedence over TRUTH.  Tuning out and realizing other people’s opinions really do not matter is a healthy approach with living a thriving life!
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New Year-New You Make It Happen

Last year is gone……AND taking with it all failed expectations, disappointments, what if’s, and moments of I should have.  NOW what are you going to do to change the NEW YEAR?  Forget the ‘did not do’ and focus on making this year great!  It may not be easy, yet a NEW year worth living is waiting for you so make it count, here’s how. Continue reading

Letting Go Of What You Cannot Keep

“Holding too tight always causes one’s strength to slowly loosen its grip, as if you have no control anymore, and you have lost completely what you could not hold.”  Through life’s seasons of ups and downs it is difficult to find purpose in what seems a reflective moment that heeds much ‘grace.’ 

A journey faced in an uncertain time, and realizing to HAVE, to HOLD and to LET GO is best lived whether a heart can bear much more!       
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Say Goodbye To Dry, Winter Skin

Nourishing dry, winter skin from the inside-out is no simple task.  And no matter how much moisturizer applied the skin still faces the extreme weather elements.  Using DermaE hydrating night cream and hydrating eye-cream gives my skin the relief it needs to combat harsh winter weather.  Here’s why I have solely switched to ONLY using products with ingredients that matter! 
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Importance of Journaling And Sacred Moments

Creating a quiet space during holiday busy has never been easier with Ellie Claire’s new devotional journals.  A beautiful way to carve out some sacred time when life is wearisome with endless to-do lists, parties, and all that the Christmas season brings.  Thanks to Worthy Publishing for sponsoring this post with these three elegantly designed journals, which are perfect for self-reflective moments during the day!   
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Fear And Faith Do Not Mix, Or Do They?

Some say opposites attract, as true as this may be, it is not always the case when two conflicting emotions are biding for attention.  Living in the extreme of FEAR or FAITH takes significant measures of mental energy that either leaves a trail of panic or a wave of peace.  And I find faith is easily accessed to those who ‘just believe.’   Continue reading