Every Mom Needs A ‘Mom’ Tribe

Women need a community of other women to collaborate with for one single purpose, to FEEL EMPOWERED!  Especially moms who are in the trenches of endless to-do lists, houses in constant disarray, and children occupying most of their time.  And the place for that empowerment is the WOWSummit!   Continue reading

Guitar 360 Online Course (Review)

Musical expression provides students a whole new avenue for self-exploration.  And learning to play a musical instrument, such as the guitar, is beneficial with reading music, as well as helping the brain formulate discipline and patience.  It is a way for fine tuning the ear, and enhancing skills needed for academic and social settings.

Guitar 360 Method, Semester 1 Bundle, taught by Krisz Simonfalvi, is an online course designed to instruct students with creativity on the guitar, and is also a great introduction for those vacillating with what instrument to choose.  Whether the student is just beginning or has been taking lessons for a while either way, this course will further enhance the student’s ability. Continue reading

Every Choice Affects Someone Or Something

Living life ‘self-focused’ is a state of mind unaware that EVERY choice has an impact on someone or something.  Our actions do define how we care for others and the planet, whether positive or negative.  And choices today will result in how sustainable tomorrow will be. 

So, consciously choosing to make small changes will ultimately have a BIG impact!   Continue reading

Attention Your Skin Needs You

Is the first thing you notice about someone their eyes, hair, height, or clothes?  Most often it is the face that is noticed first, by turning your attention towards that individual.  So what happens when your skin is not looking its best?  Your self-confidence is altered.  Try nourishing your skin this fall with Derma-E for a more radiant, glowing you!  Trust me your skin will thank you.       
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Three Questions To Ask On Your Parenting Journey

“There are two things we should give our children: one is Roots and the other is Wings.”  ~Author Unknown

Parenting is compared to fulfilling a job that is difficult, labor intensive, and admitting to the fact that you really have NO IDEA what you are doing.  There are no instruction manuals as to raising another human, yet one MUST become an expert on this little person.  Asking yourself three questions over the course of the journey guides you in maintaining a sense of purpose with those who have been intrusted into your care.  Continue reading

Depression, Coping And Real Life

“If one could plan life without hardships and trials the world would be a healthier place.”  

Yet, as unrealistic as this quote is, what happens when a home educating family struggles through a crisis, called DEPRESSION, and the teacher is unable to manage life from a healthy point of view?  Is there a way to break free from the ‘dark days’ that continually loom or is the only escape to send the kids away so one can hide in the shadows…….
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Halloween: One Mom’s Scary Take On Why Her Kids Do Not Participate

Witches, ghosts, ghouls and goblins all mark the beginning of the Halloween season.  Skeletons are displayed on every house, along with makeshift graveyards and spider webs.  Dressing-up is a required part of trick-or-treating, as well as consuming large amounts of sugary treats.  And if you’re a kid being ‘scared’ is not part of the plan.  So what happens when ‘spooky-cute’ becomes ‘real-life’ scary?    
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