Elementary Science (Review)

It is never too early in a child’s education to expose them to the studies of our physical and natural world through hands-on observation, and experiments.  And early childhood is also a great time for setting a precedence of how truly fantastic this physical planet is, when knowledge is acquired through the study of topics of interest. 

Learning About Science Collection, Level 1 designed by WriteBonnieRose is an enriching way to guide your elementary student on a journey through the exploration of the world of science.        

Learning-About-Science-Level-1-Bundle-This level one collection contains seven different topics that are simple to use, extremely engaging which can used for additional exploration afterwards or as an accompaniment to other curriculum.

Requiring no more than thirty to forty minutes to complete the entire lesson, your student will become more familiar with topics that are already of selected interest.

This collection appeals to all learning types, and with black and white printed materials, staying on task is effortless.

~My kindergartener was thrilled to use this science material, and was eager to finish all nine pages within one sitting.  She choose Familiar Plants and How They Grow, because she already has an invested fascination with the inner workings of all things nature.  From seeds, flowers, trees, plants and everything else that grows from the soil, this topic was perfect for our summer time science exploration. 

From the printed materials she was able to work on printing the words and coloring while I read the text to her.  Most of the pictures and words she knew already, and the words that were unfamiliar we were able to discuss, such as stamen and pistil.  What was the most fascinating was the seeds page.  She was absolutely captivated at how a tiny little seed grows into something so big and wonderful.


Of course after finishing the lesson we decided to explore further with our own seeds by planting some wonderful organic basil seeds in potting soil.  With water, sunlight and love in time we hopefully will see some seeds start to sprout!



Other topics that this level one science collection contains are: Fruits and Vegetable Around the World, Animal Habitats of the World, Our Senses and Systems and How They Work, Learning About Life Cycles, Earth: Layers, Earthquakes and Volcanoes, and Exploring States of Matter.

With being a digital downloadable product, you will need to have access to print out the required materials.  There is also a Discussion Helps page with links to resources such as Helpful Creation Science Websites, and Learning About Science Collection Level 1 Links to each lesson.

Each of these science lessons is recommended for grades first through third.  However, my kindergartener was able, with assistance, to understand the material and work through it with no difficulty.  And one can certainly modify these lessons to fit the needs of an older student or younger.

  • One great way to use the lesson Fruits and Vegetable Around the World is with reluctant eaters.  And with having a slightly hesitant eater talking about each fruit or vegetable, what country it comes from, and the energy our body gets from it was a wonderful way in getting her to sample new and different foods.  Also having a world map on hand is another great way to gain a student’s exposure to geography, by pointing out exactly the place of origin of the fruit or vegetable.
  • Exploring States of Matter is a really engaging lesson, because you can utilize your kitchen resources for showing the student exactly how liquids freeze, how water turns into steam, and how solids become liquids again.  And they will gain understanding as to the ‘why’ behind each state.    


Click Here For A Preview Of Level 1 Life Science


Other Learning About Science Collection include: Learning About Science Collection, Level 2Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 (Print), and Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 (Cursive)



Early elementary science should always be simple hands-on observations and experiments that peak a students curiosity, causing them to explore further the world around them.  And WriteBonnieRose Learning About Science Collection, Level 1 are straightforward lessons that do just that!


Create Curious Children…

~~Simply Passionate~~ 












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