Truth Becomes Her (Review)

(Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.)

The Adventures of Rooney Cruz RINGLEADERS produced by Truth Becomes Her is a fresh new approach to morning devotionals and reading the Bible. Girls of all ages are taken on an adventure with six women in the New Testament to discover how to use their voice in times of uncertainty.

Each story is profound in meaning, laden with truth and bravery. It takes courage to discover God’s hidden message behind each person’s journey. And one thing still rings true today for everyone everywhere, His word never fails.

From the author Erin Weidemann, “Here’s to you, Little Belle, and to learning what it means to be a ringleader: a girl whose life, love, and leadership come together in perfect harmony to make the impact in the world that only she can make.”

I invite your family to find out how the Ringleaders (Elizabeth, Mary, Samaritan woman, Mary and Martha, and Mary Magdalene) will change your daughters life!

Through wonderful illustrations, large printed text, glossy pages, and hardcover, this book lets each girl uncover every story in an exciting way.

Let me introduce you to Rooney Cruz, a little girl who somehow always finds herself in a predicament of sorts. The setting takes place in school, so every girl can identify with this in some way, even if they are home educated. And Rooney’s guide throughout the entire book is Mari, an angel. Together the two of them will discover the secret meaning of truth behind each Woman of God and how Rooney can apply it to her current situation.

Your daughter will learn the concepts of trust, true obedience, faith, believing in the impossible, discernment and the power of prayer. What a beautiful way to nurture their spirit and delight their senses all in one.

~Our family was already familiar with the Bible Belles individual book series, as we paired these with a scouting patch program. So when the Ringleaders book was written we were more than thrilled to review this.

My 5th grade student was elated when The Adventures of Rooney Cruz Ringleaders showed up in the mailbox. In one sitting she had the entire book read, because she just could not put it down. My 3rd grade student and I read the book together as a read aloud. Although the simple sentence structure allowed her to feel confident to read a lot of it on her own to me. Each story has a powerful message and we knew once we started reading it would be difficult to stop.

Both girls loved all nine chapters and were disappointed when the story came to an end. I was pleased with their willingness to read independently.

There is a scripture at the end of each chapter for further exploration and discussion. And if you have your daughter cross reference the scripture with the Bible version she owns its a bonus for learning different words used to accomplish the same meaning.

Incorporating this book into your daughters life is fairly simple. Use as a read aloud, Bible curriculum or begin teaching her to read a chapter at a time during her quiet times. Explore the actual Bible story, read it and compare with the Ringleaders story. There is also a study guide, which parallels with the book, a devotional for girls, as well as a journal for mothers/grandmothers and daughters to work through together, and a Ringleaders coloring book for kinesthetic learners.

There are so many ways to utilize this resource well. Don’t worry I am certain your daughter will creatively think of something!

Give your daughter the power to find her voice through discovery of six women who changed history. Reading The Adventures of Rooney Cruz RINGLEADERS by Truth Becomes Her will change who she is and give her insight into who she wants to become in the future.

~~Simply Passionate~~

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Thinkwell Homeschool Algebra 1 Online Program (Review)

(Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.)

Thinkwell Homeschool is a revolutionary new way to introduce your student to THINKWELL’S INSTRUCTOR-LED ALGEBRA 1 online program. A full curriculum for independent learning by the student, yet instructors are easily accessible for teaching concepts missed.

What is Thinkwell Homeschool?

  • Courses designed with flexibility in mind. Access any course, from anywhere at anytime.
  • Designed as a 12-month subscription.
  • Extensions are available in 1, 3, or 6-month for additional purchase, if a student needs more time.
  • Two options for working through the program: Daily lessons readily available for a week-by-week process OR student works at their own pace.
  • Video course lessons are five to ten minutes in length, which helps the student visualize and conceptualize key ideas, definitions and important ideas. Printable transcripts, as well as closed captioning are also an option.
  • Graded exercises with explanations for drill and practice are excellent for reinforcing concepts learned throughout the videos.
  • Printable worksheets give all types of learners a hands-on approach to practical application.
  • Quizzes and tests are graded instantly for immediate feedback to the student and parent.
  • Parent progress reports.
  • Completion certificates are to celebrate success and used within record keeping transcripts.

~My 8th grade student has been using Thinkwell Homeschool for the last six weeks. And let me tell you this has been the BIGGEST blessing to our family. Even though I understand Algebra 1, as a teacher to other students, I have very little time to explain concepts missed. This program has taken so much pressure off of me and I feel confident they are teaching a solid foundation to my student.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday my student is utilizing worksheets, videos, and daily lessons independently. Then on Tuesday and Thursday there are accessible LIVE instructors for 1-hour for any problems or concepts my student may be having.

My student has utilized this resource several times already and gains confidence each time they reinforce the skills learned. It is truly a win-win for everyone!

The customer service is impeccable in every way too! When we first subscribed to this online program using an iPad, we had quite a bit of troubleshooting to do in order for this program to work effectively. (We were using an older iPad, which may have made a difference for all the problems).

My email’s had a response of a 24-hour turn around time, they were extremely patient with my lack of technology knowledge, and managed to help correct error messages within the iPad. AND because my laptop was having trouble printing the daily lessons, I was sent a hardcopy for my student to work through.

Thinkwell customer service has gone above and beyond to ensure my student has been still learning this entire six weeks AND I could not be more grateful for their genuine concern, care, and immediate attention to every detail within this online program. As a mom/teacher I highly recommend this program to any family who is struggling to succeed in Algebra 1.

WE will continue to utilize Thinkwell Homeschool
for Algebra 2 and Geometry when that time approaches.

Give your student the independence needed to confidently explore THINKWELL’S INSTRUCTOR-LED ALGEBRA 1 and rest assured that Thinkwell Homeschool will do a fantastic job giving them a solid mathematics foundation.

~~Simply Passionate~~

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Positive Action Bible Curriculum (Review)

(Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.)

Teach students Biblical truth in a fresh, exciting way with 4th Grade – Building Life Castles designed by Positive Action Bible Curriculum. Illustrated in such a colorful way this curriculum really brings the Bible to life.

Revolutionize your students knowledge outside of their core subjects with building a foundation on the Word of God. Transform their understanding by studying the life of Christ, the works of the Holy Spirit, and the ministry of the Apostle Paul.

Formulated in a way to engage fourth grade students through a series of twenty minute daily lessons.

“As we build our lives on Christ, God will transform us into strong and beautiful monuments to His grace.” ~Positive Action Bible Curriculum

What is Building Life Castles?

Curriculum components are Teacher Manual and Student Workbook.


Lessons include: content objectives, learning objectives, vocabulary, session notes, target truths, character trait activities, student manual facsimiles, quizzes, and scripture memory.

Each lesson is divided into sections for an easier way to keep the content organized.

Contents of Thirty-five Lessons: Who is Jesus, The Promised Messiah, The Boy Jesus, The Land Where Jesus Lived, Victory Over Temptation, The Disciples of Jesus, The Ministry of Jesus, Jesus Reveals His Power, Responses to Jesus’ Power, Jesus Teaches with Parables, Jesus Teaches About Salvation, The Crucifixion of Jesus, The Resurrection of Jesus, The Arrival of the Holy Spirit, The Spirit’s Work in Us, The Fruit of the Spirit, Who Controls Your Life?, God Cares for You, Your Inner Character, Confidence in God, Compassion for Others, Courage to Stand Alone, Learning to Trust God, The Value of Humility, Learning Submission, Patience to Endure, The Need to Forgiveness, Making Wise Choices, Saul the Persecutor, Saul’s Conversion, Paul’s Missionary Journeys, Earthquake at Philippi, Paul Faces Trouble, Paul’s Final Journeys, and a Race Well Run.

  • Lessons 1–13: Life and ministry of Jesus Christ
  • Lessons 14–17: Works of the Holy Spirit
  • Lessons 18–28: Explanations and examples of godly character
  • Lessons 29–35: Life and ministry of Apostle Paul

In the back of the student manual there are ten hymn lyrics to songs such as, Be Thou My Vision, Man of Sorrows, For the Beauty of the Earth, Praise to the Lord the Almighty, Come Thou Fount, I Sing the Mighty Power of God, How Firm a Foundation, The King of Love My Shepherd Is, Immortal Invisible God Only Wise, and Joy to the World.

And a scripture memory tracking sheet for keeping dates of when the student memorized a specific scripture.


(Teaching Material, Testing Material, Answer Key)

Contains teaching material for all thirty-five lessons broken down into prompts for the teacher to read and discuss. Objectives of what the student will be learning, extra scriptures references if needed to help explain a concept further, and character trait activities for engaging practical application.

Suggested weekly schedules options include: five-day, four-day, three-day which can be modified to fit any students routine.

Brief weekly one-page quizzes engage the students comprehension of concepts learned. This is a great way to monitor whether or not your student had a full understanding of the material or if a topic needs reinforcement.

Optional Components are Music Curriculum, Extra Resources and K4-6 Curriculum Sequence.

Both Teacher Manual and Student Workbook are available in physical form or as digital downloads.

Use code REVIEW20 for free shipping online or by phone.

~As a home educator adding a Bible curriculum could seem overwhelming, as the core subjects consume most of my students time. I was pleasantly surprised to find 4th Grade – Building Life Castles to be a simple way to explore Biblical truths without much effort.

My student is eager to engage in each lesson, is learning to navigate the books of the Bible, is practicing her reading skills with Biblical vocabulary, using her comprehension skills to recall knowledge learned with quizzes, and is training her mind to memorize weekly scriptures.

I could not be more pleased with this curriculum and how it has complimented our school routine. The lessons give my student, and myself, a much needed break from the core subject pattern.

Bring the Bible to life with a fresh, new approach using Positive Action Bible Curriculum. Engage all types of learners by giving them a Biblical foundation that will last a lifetime.

I highly recommend 4th Grade – Building Life Castles when looking for a Bible curriculum to incorporate into your school routine.

~~Simply Passionate~~

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Themeville Math (Review)

(Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.)

Looking for a straight forward math curriculum then may I suggest ThemeVille Math Grade 1.  Simplifying mathematics with a daily routine of lessons and reviews builds confidence for students of all ages.
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Favorite Homeschool Curriculum

Home education an alternative to the traditional system.  Thousands of parents are finding themselves in a 2020 conundrum with having to choose between public school, which may or may not be virtual this fall, or finding a different path.

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Pathway To Liberty (Review)

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IEW (Review)

Words are the expression for communicating with others.  Words have the power to evoke positive and negative emotions.  And written words leave a forever mark on society.  Which is why Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) has created a curriculum Fix It! Grammar for students to master such an important skill.  And the confidence gained by completing each level is truly worth the investment, time, as well as energy it takes to become a successful writer.    
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A Complete Zoo Adventure

“Education means inspiring someone’s mind, not just filling their head.” ~Katie Lusk

An educational experience is one of the greatest advantages to fully comprehending a complete academic course…….AND no Zoology curriculum is finalized until a field trip to an operating zoo is arranged.

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