CrossTimber (Review)

What is a name?  A name defines who you are, making you, UNIQUELY YOU!  Children especially need to know their name has significance.  When a child grows up rooted in an identity of a chosen name it is lived out with purpose.  And Your Amazing Name – Personalized Adventures for EVERY name! created by CrossTimber – Name Meaning Gifts is a wonderful way to present that gift.


This personalized online program makes learning about your child’s name creative and fun!  Perfect for ages toddler through elementary.

A cartoon adventure taking your child on a personalized journey in less than thirty minutes.


What makes this video so special is the repeated use of the child’s name, and artwork the child has created him/herself interwoven into the adventure.  The child will be surprised to hear his/her address read aloud first before the envelop is opened and a letter unfolds.  And at the end of the show a letter will be read, written by the parent to the child. 

A truly unique way to explain the ‘why’ behind their name!

I prepared this video for my two year old, whose name is beautiful in every way.  Upon completing the informational section of the form I was then prompted to upload a piece of original artwork she had created.  The last part needed was to write a personalized letter explaining to her how her name was chosen.  And this is all done online through the Amazing Name website.  

EASY AS 1, 2, 3

  • Filling out the online informational form is easy, and includes: email, child’s first and last name, spoken name of the child or nickname, address, gender, personalized letter (600-700 characters), uploaded image of child’s artwork and child’s photo, which is optional.
  • Takes less than thirty minutes to complete, depending on if artwork and child’s picture has been previously uploaded.
  • Google account is necessary for uploading artwork and photo, but not required.  The email provides instructions for those who have an already established Google account and alternative instructions for non-Google accounts.  
  • Turn around time on receiving the completed video is about three weeks.

The completed video was presented to my child when she was by herself and without sibling distraction.  She sat there mesmerized by what she was viewing, and was very engaged at hearing her name repeatedly mentioned.  The only issue was how her name was actually pronounced in the video, but she didn’t seem to mind.

*In order to avoid wrong pronunciation throughout the show make sure to fill out the informational section with the phonetic way of saying his/her name.  Hopefully this will avoid any pronunciation errors.


During the show she got really excited to see her artwork become a rocket and then fly out the window!  It was really neat to see her expression and giggle.  And at the end, upon hearing her name mentioned in the letter being read, she had a huge smile on her face.  It was a sweet moment between the two of us shared together!


  • Animated pencil, several stars, an owl, and a sheep are the story tellers of the child’s name.
  • Scriptures are incorporated throughout the animated show.
  • History of name is in Hebrew which states the origin of the child’s name, as well as displays a scripture.
  • Quality of video is engaging enough to keep the child’s attention, and the cute animated characters are fun to watch.
  • There is a story, about the child’s name, that unfolds throughout the cartoon adventure.
  • I recommend this video for children who can read their name independently.  As my child is still learning name recognition.
  • Makes a fantastic gift for family members who live out of state, which can be tailored to the person sending the digital memory.
  • Optional upgrade of the digital version to a DVD.  Several add ons are available: Name Plaque, Framed Personalized Character Photo and Origin Scroll.    


Giving a gift to a child who will learn their unique identity is priceless.  And Your Amazing Name – Personalized Adventures for EVERY name! created by CrossTimber – Name Meaning Gifts is a wonderful way to incorporate their name origin.

Share a special moment with your child(ren) with an online cartoon adventure that can be viewed over and over.  The personalization is what makes this video really come to life in every way!

~~Simply Passionate~~










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