Learning To Draw (Review)

Every person has an inner artist waiting to emerge.  Some have natural ability for bringing a canvas to life, and others find their hidden talent through instruction.  Regardless, anyone with interest in drawing would be delighted to participate in an online Drawing Program produced by Creating a Masterpiece

Master artist Sharon Hofer empowers students who love to draw ways to refine their ability or for those just beginning she teaches them what self-expression with a pencil looks like.  With a step-by-step plan and simple instructions anyone will be able to follow along with her teachings.

There are four levels to choose, Beginning thru Level Three, and as students advance through each level the technique applied is more intricate for enhancing each project.  And with careful observation one will be able to see the growth in applied drawing skill from simple beginner to more advanced level three.

This online program is a remarkable way for any eager artist to gain understanding in different drawing techniques!

All thirty projects have been limited to three basic supplies of inexpensive mediums of Pencil, Colored Pencil, and Charcoal.  A program specifically designed for those seeking to enhance their drawing or fine art media with limited finances.

Program Features

  • Four Levels:  Beginner, Level One, Level Two and Level Three
  • Thirty Projects 
  • Forty-Eight Lessons
  • Three Drawing Media
  • High Quality Art Supplies Needed

Art Media Taught

  • Pencil
  • Colored Pencils
  • Charcoal

Art Skills Taught

  • Incorporating Value
  • Shading
  • Two Point Perspective
  • Three Point Perspective

There are a variety of projects in each level, the hard part is choosing where to begin!

Some projects included, but not limited to, are: Giraffe in Cartoon, Hoot Owl, Field of Daisies, Moonstruck, First Thanksgiving, Tuckered Out Turtle, Drawing the Egg, Alaskan Wilderness, Polar Bear, Antique Lantern, Orbiting Saturn, The General’s Horse, Dawdling Duck.

~My second grade student enjoys the concept of drawing, and was especially eager when she saw the project Giraffe in Cartoon.  Since formal art lessons have not been incorporated into her education as of yet, we decided to start at the beginning level.

She was able to follow Sharon’s instructions without hesitation, pausing the video when needed, repeating a lesson for clarification, and in the end presenting a wonderful drawing.

I was extremely impressed with her ability and skill level at such a young age.  And I am excited for her to continue working on at least a project every week.

After completing this project with pencil she wanted to try her ability at Baby Elephant using charcoal.  Each of these two projects she was able to complete in an hour, even with pausing several lessons multiple times.  Feeling confident she progressed to Level One eager to begin on the project Drawing the Egg.

Level One took a little more concentration, as she really had to apply her learned skills from Beginning Level.  She was able to complete Drawing the Egg and First Thanksgiving in an hour, and even worked on the finishing touches of color for The First Thanksgiving project afterwards.

First Thanksgiving project was really exciting as she was able to add splashes of color bringing to life the images created.  Six sessions were presented for this project including an introduction.  Each session was less than nine minutes, with some being less than five minutes.  With the student be able to create and focus on the project going at their pace, it makes for completing the drawings a SUCCESS!

Level three was more intense, yet not so much as my student felt overwhelmed.  She was able to complete The General’s Horse.  Although after completing this project she realized she needed more practice from Beginning to Level Two before advancing into more sophisticated drawings.

In my opinion I thought her drawing of the horse turned out rather well, even though this project in length was over an hour to complete.


72475325_10157321758306131_395628219526545408_n~My other student, in fourth grade, is only interested in drawing horses.  She wanted to immediately start on The General’s Horse, yet I made her begin with Giraffe in Cartoon first.  She has had Creating A Masterpiece fine art lessons before, and was already accustomed to how Sharon Hofer teaches.  Even though she did not complete as many projects, her main goal was to just complete the horse project.

What I really like about this program is the way every student can personally spend time competing the project of their choosing.  There is no set time limit or way that is has to be finished.  And each student is able to add their own creativity upon project completion.

This is one of the highest quality online art programs my students have used, and I highly recommended Creating A Masterpiece for exposing any child to fine art lessons!

Giving the gift of fine art lessons to any student provides self-expression exploration, and the ability to discover hidden talents that may have been dormant. 

Art has the uniqueness of building confidence for anyone who is eager to master and enhance their drawing skills.  And the Drawing Program by Creating a Masterpiece is an excellent way for eager art students to bring to life images by means of pencil or charcoal. 

See for yourself why art students LOVE taking fine art lessons with Sharon!

~~Simply Passionate~~ 


















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