WOWSummit Texas Take-Aways

WOWSummit Texas 2019 was an epic two-day event inspiring moms to choose healthy alternatives for their families.  A place to network with others from east to west coast, as well as form long lasting relationships for content creator support.  It is a mom-cation with a purpose!

As an avid supporter of MomsMeet, and this being my seventh WOWSummit I am Excited to share my takeaways of what keeps bringing me back.

From the attendees to the brands, each year is so different.  And I find myself engaged in a social media whirlwind of networking with brands, top influencers, and workshops that inspire me to stay true to my ‘voice.’ 

A place for taking my business from a DREAM and making it REALITY. 

I walk away with opportunities to pursue sustainable companies that are wanting creative brand advertisement.  This is where I feel most at home, because I am passionate about raising a healthy family, as well as helping others find healthy lifestyle alternatives.


Brand Exposure– getting to know companies making a difference is always a positive.  So many brands have a story behind what makes that product unique to the marketing industry.  And taking the time to ask questions and listen to what they want is key.

My strategy this year was to ask brands, aligned with my ‘voice,’ how I could collaborate with them to help make a difference.  As a blogger I want brands to feel respected and represented well on behalf of how I write authentically.

Sessions/Workshops– a listening experience for acquiring possible options for growing a content creator business.  The possibilities are endless with the many ways one can partner with a brand, and keeping an open mind is key.

The speakers are generally approachable with very down to earth solutions for the endless ‘road blocks’ occurring for everyday writers.  And I always leave with an open-ended feeling of continuing the pursuit of my dream.

Attendees– this was the best year for connecting with other moms and finding social media support.  So many moms were looking for encouragement, new friends, laughter, and a place to just BE!  Each year I look for ways to enjoy new moms I meet, whether it be in the exhibit hall or taking the time to introduce myself in between sessions. 

My network of moms from east to west coast has grown significantly, and following their journey after the summit is always a highlight.

Goody Bags– full of products from trusted, and approved MomsMeet brands.  Edible, sustainable, and just plain fun are what brings these bags to life.  From vegan to gluten-free, protein to probiotics, or kid-friendly ways of improving my family’s life are overall choices compiled into one wonderful take away.

A superb way to end the day on this final note!

71333899_10157256380021131_2311467762809044992_nMy journey of formulating a ‘voice’ from the beginning in Philly to this year in Arlington has been a work in progress.  And I am thankful MomsMeet has been there every step of the way.  Pursuing writing is a passion, and an important way for me to recharge each year is at the WOWSummit. 

Whether a seasoned content creator or just starting out, find ‘your voice’ and authentically pursue making a difference one brand at a time!

See you in Orlando 2020….

~~Simply Passionate~~





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