5 Reasons To Love Outer Banks, North Carolina

Nestled on a strip of North Carolina land, no wider than a 150-yards across, is a place known as OBX.  Infamous for its ‘Salt Life,’ luring visitors from all over the world, as well as bringing families together one house at a time.  This is no ordinary vacation, its a Destination…….And a little piece of your heart will be here forever!



  • DSC00141Hundreds of houses designed for 2 or 40 people are structurally built with one goal in mind, bringing people together.  Properly equipped with A LOT of bedrooms……And when I say equipped I mean it.  Not only does each bedroom usually come with a private bathroom, there are multiple kitchens, fridges, televisions, cozy nooks and so much more.  A community that comes together in one house to share meals, time, space, and laughter good for the soul.
  • During peak season June, July & August The Houses can get a little pricey.  However, after Labor Day prices significantly drop for renting a week long space.
  • September is still warm enough to enjoy all summer time activities, including swimming in the ocean or pool, if your house has one.  Hurricane season is also this month, so BE Warned you may have to compete with the impending ocean derailing vacation plans.  Always buy travelers insurance for covering mother nature’s unforeseen attitude!


  • DSC00194Pristine beaches line 200 miles of coastline to entice any person seeking a little ‘Salt Life.’  Don’t forget a boogie board for catching some waves, enhancing ocean play OR grab a beach chair for some solitude on the sand! 
  • And for those looking to build the biggest sand castle there is endless miles of sand and plenty of space (in off season only).
  • The most family friendly beaches on the East Coast, and with only the thoughts in your head to imagine the crowds of summer travelers!
  • Keep a LOOK out for flags stationed at each beach entrance, as Ocean Rescue closely monitors ocean activity, rip tides, currents and safety.  AND NEVER go into the ocean with a RED flag!


  • Age is irrelevant when hunting for native ghost crabs, which only appear after hours.  Bring a headlamp or flashlight, while enjoying an evening encountering thousands of crabs making their way towards the ocean for a late night snack.
  • They are truly fascinating to study as they keep one eye on you and one eye on dinner.  Chasing them is even more exciting, as every time they will out run even the swiftest of tiny humans.
  • Note:  Beaches become VERY dark at night, and one can easily be disorientated.  Keep a close watch on children, as the ocean is VERY DANGEROUS with the tides coming in.


  • For early risers or late nighters, magnificent painted skies light up each morning or night as the sun rises and fades away for the day.  Grab a warm beverage and be one of the first to greet the morning sun, or kiss the sunset goodbye with a glass of wine………Cheers to witnessing a priceless moment however you choose!
  • And losing oneself within thoughts or conversation for a long walk along the beach is an added bonus!


  • One of the BEST stores to visit for souvenirs is the local Super Wings.  Prices are unbeatable and if one store runs out of sizes, try the one across the street.  Other favorites are homemade ice cream, fudge, and bakery shops………….Remember to savor each delicious morsel, because even as a foodie one will need to sugar detox the following week!
  • Some shops may be open or closed during off season, so always check first.  And whenever possible support local businesses on OBX.


  • 70408150_10157222769256131_2168810827799330816_nFive lighthouses adorn outer banks from Currituck Beach to Ocracoke Island.  Each one is unique in its own regard and worth the drive, steps taken to the top, as well as the breathtaking views.  On any clear day one can see for miles around. 
  • A personal favorite is Hatteras, as it is the tallest lighthouse in North and South America.  Wear comfortable shoes as 257 steps each way can become troublesome on tired feet. 
  • In peak season these places are sometimes overly crowded and the wait is a little longer than necessary.  Off season generally has plenty of elbow room and no wait.    

BONUS:  WILD HORSES are a huge draw for many travelers hoping to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures.  For those with a 4WD vehicle driving over mounds of sand can be exhilarating and you surely may find what you seek.  However, most DO NOT own a 4WD and paying is an option.  Prices for a single person is about $40 for a group jeep tour.

OR Assateague Island is home to more than 300 wild horses, and seeing them in their natural habitat is FREE for anyone willing to travel a little extra.  Just a thought for keeping horse lovers happy!


Book in Hand + Isolated Hammock = A Readers Oasis

Endless Sand + Creating A Masterpiece = Delighted Children

Sounds of Water + Painted Sky = Morning Sunrise

Family/Friends + Laughter = Heart Connections Made

One House + Several Families = Priceless

This is what East Coast living looks like for weary individuals needing a place to hang up their stress, dig their toes in the sand and just BE!!!


Places of interest appeal to travelers in different ways.  Whether it be the call of mountains, ocean, city, country or desert each one varies in uniqueness.  And the response of the traveler answers differently each time. 

Here in North Carolina encountering OBX is unlike any other……..Leaving you with a feeling of lingering a little longer.  One will definitely understand ‘Salt Life’  for ALL its worth!  This experience has captured the hearts of many, which is why some come back year, after year.

It is no longer a vacation to look forward to, but a Destination for the soul to call home!

~~Simply Passionate~~





7 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Love Outer Banks, North Carolina

  1. dawnpeluso says:

    We love the OBX! We live just west of the OBX in the area considered the inner banks which makes day trips to the OBX a favorite, especially in spring and fall.

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