CTC Math (Review)

“Pure Mathematics Is, In Its Own Way, The Poetry Of Logical Ideas.”  ~Albert Einstein

Pursuing mathematics with any student is a ‘love or hate’ relationship.  Their brain either processes the information presented or they begin struggling to understand the equations, formulas and math sentences.  CTCMath takes the struggle out of learning by letting the student work at his or her own pace.  And with a Family Membership, for up to five students, each child is transformed into a confident learner. 


Not everyone has an understanding of mathematics like Albert Einstein did, yet each student has the ability to grasp basic applications from kindergarten thru twelfth grade.

Keep your student from falling behind with this incredible program that lets you move at your own pace, explore different grade levels, take timed tests, review previous grades, watch video tutorials, as well as answer questions appropriate for each section.


Getting started is simple, just create an account, add up to five students and then each child can login under their name and begin accessing their specific grade level.


~I had two students, one in first and one in third grade, who participated in this review.  My student in first grade, the primary reviewer, was working an average of 3x’s a week, and the third grader used this as a review trial, she is a little more hesitant about online math programs.

My first grader was new at working online independently, and after familiarizing herself with watching the video tutorials first then answering the questions second, she was able to complete Whole Numbers and is currently working through Addition.

There was a little frustration at times, as she was trying to figuring what some of the videos were asking her to do.  After watching the video, pausing it and watching it again, I then explained in different terminology to her and she was able to complete the questions. 

We did have a little trouble with Ordering Numbers and Ordinal Numbers, yet we were able to increase our score each time in order to pass this section.

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 7.55.59 AM

End Results

~My third grader when she approached this program was able to complete several sections and do quite well.  Overall she was pleased with her understanding and progress.

This program was fantastic for keeping the ‘summer slide’ at bay, as well as increasing confidence in each of my students!

My favorite part about this program was the student’s ability to choose which section they wanted to work on first.  There is no set order.  And the questions are short and to the point.  

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 1.36.02 PM

For taking the frustration out of math time I highly recommend CTCMath, and even if your student loves math, then working ahead is great motivation.

Another aspect that gives the parent/teacher control, and lets the student work with freedom are the weekly progress reports or certificates that are sent straight to the parent’s email.  You always know exactly what the child has accomplished for that week, the progress made or where they are struggling.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

CTCMath has updated their program since my review two years ago.  With adding Question Bank Wizard and Question Bank Reports, both of these enhance the student’s learning, as well as reinforcing how the student learns, because the parent or teacher has access to control lessons and topics.  


  • A full online math curriculum for grades K thru 12.
  • Not aligned with Common Core Standards.  Math is taught the traditional way.  Each student chooses how they want to work out the problem.  Explaining and teaching methods from the easiest, quickest and most successful way possible for understand and mastering concepts.
  • Access to ALL grades and lessons, with NO restrictions on moving back or forward!
  • Eight How-To Videos are NEW, which are comprehensive videos explaining Getting Started, Adding Students, Adding Tasks, Question Types, Parent Reports, Weekly Revision Tasks, Question Bank Wizard and Question Bank Reports.
  • Question Bank lets you add selected lessons or topics for each student.  After selecting lessons go-to presets and generate questions based on length (in minutes) and difficulty.  These will be added to the students daily or weekly task section,  
  • Standard and Comprehensive Placement Tests can be taken for each topic for K-6.
  • Monitoring the child’s progress is easy via online or through weekly emails.  And there is access to detailed reports within the parents login area.\
  • No cancellation fees and you can cancel at anytime.
  • Answering the worksheets are in multiple choice format.
  • Programs runs on ALL devices such as HTML5 platforms, including iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones, and Android devices.
  • Contacting customer service is either email or phone.


Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.41.25 PM

Whether your student is struggling in mathematics or ahead of where they should be give them an academic confidence builder with CTCMath.  NO more worries about keeping students on task or frustrating moments trying to teach a new math concept, this Family Membership works for everyone!

Let students learn at their own pace, challenge them to work beyond their current ability, and watch them master math concepts, which in turn grows into self-assurance of their own potential.

~~Simply Passionate~~ 







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