Nothing Children’s Book (Review)

Children are naturally subjected to a grown-up world, and often misconstrue ideas, emotions and feelings.  Especially when it comes to the concept of LOVE.  They want to feel unconditionally loved, as well as accepted, yet reality sometimes tells them otherwise.

Nothing by Natalee Creech published by WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, is a powerful children’s story about God’s love that is never separated from us.      

56973979_10156853334241131_1423994839325736960_nThe author gained her inspiration, for writing such a book, from the scriptures written in the book of Romans. 

“NOTHING can separate us from God’s love in Christ Jesus our Lord: not death or life, not angels or rulers, not present things or future things, not powers or height or depth, or any other thing that is created.”  ~Romans 8:38-39 CEB

Using rhyme to communicate clearly to a listening child brings this scripture to life!

This 32-page hardcover book has simple 1-2 lines or sentences on each page, which is perfect for emerging readers to practice their literacy skills.  And because this is a rhyming picture book the story moves rather quickly, so little people are able to sit and listen as well.

The BIG question asked throughout the story is:  Can Anything Separate Me From God’s Love? 

Every page will explore this question through beautifully, detailed illustrations that will engage any child.  Including the diversity displayed through the variety of children illustrated. 

Every child should be able to identify with one of the cartoon drawings.

Story Summary:  Follow different children around the planet as they seek unique adventures, and explore the concept to see if God’s love will follow them wherever they go.  Through the power of imagination the listener will go deep sea diving, sailing, cave exploring, hot air ballooning, up in space, on a train, on a plane, canoeing, dune buggy riding and biking. 

~Our family chose to focus on reading this book individually to each family member.  It was a wonderful way to communicate how special they are, as well as how much they mean to the Creator of the Universe.

One child struggles with feeling loved and mentions it quite frequently, as it troubles her often.  After reading this book several times we were able to discuss that nothing she does will ever negate how loved she truly is by us, and God. 

Hopefully hearing this story read again and again will begin to take root in her heart, and she can begin to believe the truth.

She was delighted looking at the pictures, as was I, and when I asked her if she could identify with any of the characters?  Her response was yes… which she saw herself in the treehouse being afraid during the storm too!  We were able to discuss her emotions, why she would possibly feel that way, and whether or not she thought God was with her at that moment.

We shared some ‘open-ended’ moments together thanks to reading a story that prompted such intimate discussions!

  • Recommended for ages four to seven.  However, my toddler was able to sit and listen to the entire story, several times and loved it.

An uplifting book that is special to read before bedtime, when a child is having a bad day, or just when encouraging words need to be spoken into your child’s life.  It is also makes a great gift! 

When ‘words’ are spoken they impact our children in various ways.  And realizing that ‘words’ play such an important role whether positive or negative.

“God’s love is everywhere: desert, moon, beach…there’s no place at all His love cannot reach.”  ~Natalie Creech

In a society that confuses what LOVE truly is, as caretakers we need to be intentional at reading and speaking LIFE into our child’s heart daily.  Nothing by Natalee Creech is a wonderful resource to use during those heartfelt moments. 

Because NOTHING can separate us from the love of God!

~~Simply Passionate~~


















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