3-Ways To Tame The Smart Phone

Our modernized society connects us through the power of social media in ways unexplainable.  And as much as we feel connected to our screens of choice we are disconnected from real life interactions even more.  Being ‘present’ in our daily conversations with others can keep us living a balanced life, as well as maintaining an awareness that computers are devoid of true emotional interactions.  Limiting screen time is absolutely necessary for our sanity!        

Here’s Why………..My interaction with a recent mom was limited to a few sentences as the smart phone would take precedence over our conversation.  A magnetic force kept drawing her attention away from ‘being truly present.’  

Not only did I find this incredibly frustrating, yet I pondered whether I had lived out this exact moment with someone else, with myself being the one distracted.

46162290_10156510244216131_4107359336349564928_oSometimes it is easier to ignore personal lifestyle choices then to deal with, maybe say an addiction.  And I see this more and more, especially with women who have such limited time for relationships anyways. 

Yet what is this ‘FORCE’ which appeals to the senses for not missing moments in cyberspace?

I admit I am as guilty as the next mom for checking my phone way TOO MUCH! 

Yet in all fairness I have short windows of opportunities to check emails, and other forms of social media during the day that if I check my phone often then it seems less overwhelming somehow. 

Is it really necessary to be this electronically connected?  I think Not……..    

Realize the world of cyberspace will continue on whether anyone logs into a social media account or email.  And anxiousness is usually the result if we don’t.  However, when we are with other people, including our children that wonderful smart phone needs to stay hidden most of the day.

3-Ways To Tame The Smart Phone:

  1. Limit the day to certain times for checking emails, social media and other accounts, that keep you cyber connected.  Twice daily is probably enough, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  This habit will take discipline and time to formulate!
  2. No phones or screens during mealtimes.  Great Conversations cannot evolve if we are distracted, and teaching children what it means to converse is SO important.  And this includes coffee dates with friends!
  3. Be mindful with how much you spend on the phone by keeping a log.  Awareness is the power to effective change.  Concluding that your time is best utilized someplace else.

I think this is easier said than put into practice.  Yet, if I really want to live a ‘thriving life’ with joy, peace, and contentment the smart phone needs to stay away for most of the day.

“Smartphones: social connections that disconnect the once social.” ~Steffyclaire

Being different is more complex than being trendy.  And as much as I am thankful for living in the twenty-first century, it poses challenges which are as unique as society itself.

Smart phones only become smarter when the holder uses them wisely and with self-control.  A reminder I use throughout life is “Everything In Moderation”  This statement holds true to living a balanced, anxiety-free life!

~~Simply Passionate~~





3 thoughts on “3-Ways To Tame The Smart Phone

  1. thelifewebuild says:

    I use the Do Not Disturb feature on my phone to help minimize the distraction and temptation to check it. I also turn off notifications on many apps as well. I am the one who constantly misplaces her phone because I am not glued to it 😊

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