Easy Eco-Kitchen New Year Makeover

Begin the new year with a fresh approach to a simple eco-kitchen makeover.  Adding sustainable, eco-friendly ways to cooking and baking has never been easier.  And a few changes made can have a big impact not only on your health, but the environment as well!   

Cooking & baking is part of living, yet do you really know the products you are using to produce the food you are ingesting?

From cookware to utensils, everything has a positive or negative impact on your endocrine system.  You can be sure utilizing the right equipment nothing with leech into your food. 


My favorite cookware to use is All-Clad.  Why?  It is a reliable, trusted company that has proven to be one of the top of the line stainless steel manufacturers. 

“Every piece of All-Clad bonded stainless steel cookware is handcrafted with a revolutionary bonding process using a proprietary recipe of metals to provide the ultimate cooking performance.”  ~All-Clad

  • 18/10 stainless steel interior cooking surface won’t react with food and cleans effortlessly.
  • Rivets are formed with high stainless steel & treated to remove trace elements of iron that could cause corrosion.
  • Long handles are attached in a certain way maintaining coolness. 

Other Safe Cookware Options: are ceramic, cast iron and copper. 

Researching which pans work best on electric versus gas stoves is always ideal to ensure superior cooking.


I definitely prefer stoneware over any type of aluminum.  Why?  I avoid an extra step of spraying each individual cup or using paper baking cups, which is added landfill waste.  Stoneware also cooks evenly, and continue’s to bake in the stone after being removed from the oven.   

However, if choosing to use aluminum pans there are unbleached natural paper baking cups that work nicely separating the food from the metal.  Avoiding pans that react to any type of food is the best option.

  • Stoneware is naturally non-stick when seasoned properly with the first few uses.
  • Some stoneware is heat-resistant up to 450°F.
  • No metal, lead, or other harmful materials.
  • Made in the USA.     

Other Safe Bakeware Options are: silicone, glass, lead-free ceramic, and cast iron.


My favorite utensils for cooking are wooden.  Why?  Does not scratch pans, easy clean-up, easier to hold onto when stirring, and there is no possible leaching into foods.  

However, not just any type of wood is usable, withstands long-term use, doesn’t break down with heat, or handles multiple washes without splitting or shredding.

A high-grade wood, refined process of carving and polishing is what makes a wooden utensil amazing to cook with.  And sustainable harvesting practices is so important for the company making the products.

Whetstone Woodenware makes beautiful, hand-crafted wood utensils that are a timeless piece added to the kitchen.

  • Each product is made from kiln dried maple.
  • 17 hand operations and final polishing are performed on each piece made.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Heirloom utensils are uniquely made for living history museum throughout the United States.

Other Safe Options are:  stainless steel and silicone. 

Whatever you use, AVOID plastic!


Whether you are an everyday chef/baker, or professional, choosing the safest kitchen equipment is the best option for avoiding unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals. 

And although unable to see leaching properties into ingestible foods, doing a little research guarantees your health will not be compromised.

What eco-friendly cookware/bakeware do you use?


Small Changes, BIG Impact…

~~Simply Passionate~~








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