New Year-New You Make It Happen

Last year is gone……AND taking with it all failed expectations, disappointments, what if’s, and moments of I should have.  NOW what are you going to do to change the NEW YEAR?  Forget the ‘did not do’ and focus on making this year great!  It may not be easy, yet a NEW year worth living is waiting for you so make it count, here’s how.

‘Life Is Really What You Make It!’  And if the focus is only on what did not happen then you miss much of what could.  Shifting an ‘outlook’ can change the entire way your world is viewed.  

Yet if you’re in stuck mode, as I call it, then anything different seems a waste of time.  However, altering your course of life is possible, and besides ‘your not dead’ so LIVE until you are!

  • Begin each day with meditation/prayer, journaling, exercise or deep-breathing brings a self-awareness of tuning into who are and what you need.  Ask yourself ‘AM I OK’ today?  Write down thoughts, prayers, dreams, hopes as well as desires that swirl in your mind.
  • Assess what your eating.  Keep a food journal, if possible, and begin to understand you are what you eat!  This plays a HUGE role in mood, health, hormones, as well as your overall feeling of wellness.  Commit to ingesting more fresh ingredients and homemade meals.  Taking care of your body is vital to longevity.
  • Hydrating with water is most effective for maintaining the bodies temperature and bodily functions.  Alkaline water is really amazing for body balance, in addition to keeping headaches at bay.  You just feel GOOD when the body is hydrated!
  • Fresh air is a mental re-charge for stressful days or long nights.  And nature really is the best medicine for connecting us back to the earth.  So go find a path that leads to clarity of mind!
  • Dream outside of yourself………what impact will you have on your community?  You can be the effective change you wish to see in the world.  Each life matters in making a difference no matter how big or small.
  • Less is More!  Clean out, purge, give away, or sell is ‘mental de-cluttering.’  Whether you are organized or not a person cannot optimize productivity in an environment that is always in a state of chaos.  
  • Saying ‘NO’ to what has no value.  Assess what is most fulfilling to your soul and weed out what is not.  Give yourself permission to NOT FEEL OBLIGATED!

Applying one of these practices is better than doing nothing, feeling miserable, and staying stuck.  And with having no set rule on any of these, it gives you permission to begin anyway you choose.

So say GOOD-BYE to last year and HELLO to the new year with a fresh perspective.  Changing your life course affects you in ways unimaginable.  Even those around you will notice the altered YOU! 

A NEW YOU living life to the fullest is a thriving quality.  

If It Helps Smile More Often….

~~Simply Passionate~~ 




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