Guitar 360 Online Course (Review)

Musical expression provides students a whole new avenue for self-exploration.  And learning to play a musical instrument, such as the guitar, is beneficial with reading music, as well as helping the brain formulate discipline and patience.  It is a way for fine tuning the ear, and enhancing skills needed for academic and social settings.

Guitar 360 Method, Semester 1 Bundle, taught by Krisz Simonfalvi, is an online course designed to instruct students with creativity on the guitar, and is also a great introduction for those vacillating with what instrument to choose.  Whether the student is just beginning or has been taking lessons for a while either way, this course will further enhance the student’s ability.

Review-Crew-GraphicMusical Confidence, Freedom and Creativity outlines how the student feels after working through this 13-week course.  The opportunities are endless with this type of learning as it is built around a non-linear, Cyclical Pedagogy, so the knowledge acquired connects to what is being taught.

A whole new approach to understanding the guitar, as the musical theory is simplistic and practical.  Perfect for those in the beginning phase!

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So Who Is Instructor Krisz Simonfalvi? 

“An artist, producer, and teacher, I’m deeply passionate about mentoring the next generation of musical world-changers!  This is not only something that I’m already doing on a daily basis – it is WHO I AM.”

  • Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Started playing classical guitar at age 6 and mastered it quickly.
  • Since adolescence he has toured with bands, recorded music in studios, and produced his own music.
  • Has been teaching guitar since 2009, in North America and Europe, and to a variety of all ages of students.
  • Currently, Krisz is the director of the Dallas Campus for Visible Music College, Global Guitar Division Head, as well as the Global Bands Manager.  And has launched One Less Rock – Music Studio, the parent company of Guitar 360 Method, based out of Dallas, Texas. 

So How Does This Online Course Work?

  • Depending on the student’s ability, they can either begin with Start Playing Your Guitar, with two bonus songs added, or move on to Semester One.



  • Start Playing Your Guitar is three weeks of instruction, beginning with the basics: Parts Of The Guitar, Left Hand and Right Hand Basics, How To Tune, and 4-Finger Warm-up Exercise.  The student then progresses with learning: Your First Chord, Basic Strumming, and Let’s Add Another Chord.  In week three: Our Next Chord(s), Pickups and Multiplying Chords, and finally Parts of the Song.  There are also three levels of practice for each week.
  • Each bonus song for Lesson #1 and #2 carefully instructs the student with an Introduction and Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, possible Bridge and Practice. 
  • Semester One- is a 13-week course tailored to any student.  The course approach may be that of an ambitious learner, eager to move through learning the techniques quickly or a more methodical, steady approach.

Overview of Semester One:

  1. Week 1- Fundamental Chord Shapes and a Textural, 16th Note Approach to Strumming
  2. Week 2- Basic Music Theory
  3. Week 3- First Scale, Foundational Element in Practical Music Theory
  4. Week 4- Adding Texture and Variety to Rhythm Guitar Playing
  5. Week 5- Adding the Minor Scale
  6. Week 6- Chords, Chord Progression and Musical Keys
  7. Week 7- Application of Understanding Intervals, Chords and Scales
  8. Week 8- Rhythm Guitar Range and Tonal Options
  9. Week 9- Learning to Play Any Key
  10. Week 10- Playing Scales (Melodies) in a Variety of Approaches with the 12 Frets
  11. Week 11- Apply All Knowledge From Previous Lessons in Any Key and Situation
  12. Week 12- Final Rhythm Guitar Practice Week (Available Soon)
  13. Week 13- Final Lead Guitar Practice Week (Available Soon)

~My student, age 11, has been playing guitar for a few years and has mastered the skills needed.  This past year he has been writing and composing six different songs.  Guitar 360 Method has been a fantastic fit for him with a new creative approach to learning.

Together we perused the beginner course to find any gaps that were missed in his years of basic fundamentals, yet there were none.  My student began at Semester One, Week 1.  He has quickly moved through Week 1 and Week 2, and is now in the beginning phase of Week 3. 

Length of time spent on each lesson is dependent on what he is trying to accomplish within that lesson.      

“Krisz makes this method of learning simple, and I am able to learn techniques quicker.  It is fun to do each lesson, and if needed I can go back and re-do a lesson for a clearer understanding.  I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to master the guitar.” ~Z (Age 11)



  • More online courses will be available in 2019, including Keys 360 Method and Drums 360 Method.

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Giving the gift of music to the next generation builds strong, self-confident, well-rounded children.  Teaching them to persevere creatively with mastering an instrument is a skill they can improve upon each year.  And Guitar 360 Method provides a wonderful opportunity for anyone to learn to play the guitar. 

“Instruments Left By Themselves Are Worthless, Yet Given To Someone With Passion And Behold The Power of Transformation.”

~~Simply Passionate~~
















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