WOW Summit On A Budget

Are you a mom who desperately needs time away from your kids?  Maybe you’re a mom who just needs a little ‘mom-cation,’ R & R or some like-minded mom connections?  Sounds too good to be true, think again!  As a mom ambassador, blogger, and advocate for Moms Meet, the WOW Summit event is created just for moms, LIKE YOU! 

Yet, how do budgeting families afford such a luxury so mom can attend?  With a few secrets I’ve learned to cutting costs….

Each year the WOW Summit is hosted by Moms Meet, in a different location within the United States.  A 2-day event that gives moms as opportunity to get-away, recharge, refresh, and of course revitalize the senses.  

Created by moms who know, what every mom needs!


However, I have heard so many times, how do I afford such an event?  Simple, by planning ahead and being intentional.

  • Oftentimes this event is not within driving distance from where I live, and knowing this ahead of time allows me to plan for using accrued airline miles from my credit card.  Flying for FREE is the best way to travel!
  • Hotel arrangements are the next major expense.  Plan accordingly and bring along some friends.  When I have two other moms sharing a room with me, it makes the cost of the room very affordable.  *I have also stayed with friends nearby if the event location is close to their residence.  OR finding another mom attending the summit, through Moms Meet Facebook Page, is another option for sharing room costs.  Also, nearby hotels or an Airbnb, although not ideal will work.
  • 14572283_10154395336681131_7180467741773808420_nMeals are easy if  you plan, plan, plan.  Breakfasts for me are usually a bring along oatmeal, muesli or cereal-to-go option.  There are some great on-the-go options that just need hot water.  Lunch is oftentimes a simple sandwich, canned tuna, chicken or peanut butter and jelly works great too!  Dinner is my treat to eat out, connect with others and enjoy being pampered a little.  *During the event there are so many options to sample vendor foods that I oftentimes skip lunch all together.
  • Car rentals are optional, and most times shuttles will take you to and from the airport to the hotel.  Rideshares are a great option: Uber, Lyft ZimrideTrees For CarsWingz, JunoGettFlywheel, Viafor getting around town or sightseeing.  Although I have only used Uber and local taxis, I generally stay put at the hotel.
  • Event tickets are so affordable that this is the least of money concerns.  However, there are still ways to save.  On the Moms Meet rewards webpage, they offer tickets at discounted prices or sometimes you can redeem enough reward points for a completely FREE ticket.  Moms Meet has also given opportunities to win tickets!
  • Miscellaneous expenses such as: baggage fees, taxes, shuttle fees, and chocolate cravings should all be budgeted accordingly!


AND if you’re a blogger then you must attend a 1-day WOW Bloggers event, and learn how connecting with a variety of brands strengthens your own personal blog. 

Read My WOW Bloggers 2018-NYC Post Here 

Moms Meet has truly been a ‘life-changer’ for the way I care for me.  A few days away from my family energizes me in a way I cannot describe, and each year it is a MUST that I attend the WOW Summit. 

Read How Moms Meet Changed My Life

If your still unsure of the financial aspect, then put your budget to the test.  Give yourself an allotted amount of money and make it work accordingly.  

You’re a mom and you are amazing, and when your mind is made up you persevere until it happens, that’s just how we work!  

I can’t tell you enough that in the end you will ultimately thank yourself for taking the time to put yourself first.  You are worth it and so is every dollar spent making you a better MOM! 

Click Here to Read How

If you any questions, comments or concerns, I would love to try to problem solve with you?  Let’s stay connected……


Hope To See You In California!

~~Simply Passionate~~




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