Raising Perspectively-Minded Kids

Perspective changes everything, especially with learning history.  Unfortunately, the TRUTH, is not always taught clearly so children grow-up with a correct understanding of what their heritage really is.

If not careful history WILL repeat itself, which includes the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

My philosophy for a child’s education is to include as many cross-cultural experiences as possible. 

One can never learn ‘too much’ about other people groups, which therefore helps to shape who you become as an adult. 

And in order for history to come alive, I mean really come alive for students, they must be exposed to the raw reality that history is messy, brutal, and oftentimes UNJUST!

History isn’t just a story to read about, it’s a powerful way to gain a perspective that changes the course of the next generation.  An opportunity to learn from the mistakes made by those who had too much power, were desperately greedy, or lived to please their own invested interests.  Yes, there is SOOOOO much to be learned from any countries historical timeline.

~We had the privilege of visiting the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C.

We were EXCITED to learn the very history of this people group so often misrepresented, poorly treated throughout history, and unfairly taken advantage of.  However, after two hours of reading, hearing and seeing stories of these people who were slaughtered our hearts were saddened that THIS is what our history, MY history, represents for the United States of America.

My kids were undoubtedly confused, and clarification needed to happen as to why such an ‘up-and-coming’ powerful nation would abuse, mistreat, and brutally kill people for land.

Yet, it was more than just land those ‘white men’ wanted.  They wanted to reign supremely, it was a ‘monopoly’ ploy because their hearts were discontented.  And the sacrifice was the INDIAN.  

Not only did they physically kill thousand of these human beings, but the one’s that surrendered were ‘killed’ emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

42132046_10156380734321131_2613002998455992320_nAnd the only reason for such a GENOCIDE was out of ignorance on behalf of the Indian, because they were IN THE WAY of PROFITABLE LAND!

What a sheer atrocity that this history, these truthful facts are now the heritage of linking the United States of America’s past to the present.

However, for myself and my children we were not the one’s that rounded-up these native people to lead them on a 1,000-mile ‘Trails of Tears’ journey, nevertheless I am forever linked to this very truthful part of history.


Yet, the effects are felt even today with how poorly different people groups have been treated over that last few centuries.  And for me to raise ‘perspectively minded’ children is important.

I feel strongly that children NEED to know without careful consideration of how people are treated, history will repeat itself, it’s just a matter of time!  

‘ALL MEN WERE CREATED EQUAL’……whether that be Caucasian, Asian, African, Middle-Eastern, and yes even Indian.

Children need an awareness of truthful historical facts.  They need to experience what it was like to ‘walk’ in someone else’s shoes.  They need to experience the pain and suffering of another human soul.  They need to know that power and greed are NOT the end-all to living. 

As educators we have to communicate that history is a compilation of stories, different people groups, who sacrificed the very essence of who they were for our FREEDOM today.



A powerful life-changing gift we can give our children is the right perspective when relating to others around us.  And cross-cultural experiences relating to history are uniquely shared to raise ‘perspectively minded’ individuals.

What are some ways to teach children to have a correct perspective?

Freedom is Never Truly Free!

~~Simply Passionate~~     









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