Which Personality Type Are You?

If you know anything about personalities they can be a blessing or curse.  And for moms like me who have the daunting personality of being type A, which is associated with impatience, aggressiveness, and competitiveness, then you know exactly what I am referring to when I say, CAN I GET A REFUND!

Not only do I deal with the daily woe’s of constant frustration, from little people who seem to know which ‘button’ to push and when, I also deal with feeling too productive.  Some would say this is a great quality, yet the underlying weakness is not knowing when to ‘let it go,’ or just relax.  

Figuring out your personality first is the best approach, as there are many different types of ways to understanding the psychology behind all the terminology.

Click Here To Find Your Personality Type

Whether it be Type A or Type B, Lion-Beaver-Otter-Golden Retriever, or this new method referring to 16-different personality types, this information is invaluable with social interactions, family dynamics and relationships.

Knowing how I am wired helps a lot with knowing my stressors. 

Of course home education doesn’t help with feeling overwhelmed in areas such as, making sure my kids are receiving a proper education, is the house somewhat orderly, are meals made or is my sanity kept………….Can anybody relate?

As funny as this sounds it is true with daily dealings of life.  And of course those with a more relaxed personality know little of what it means to ‘conquer the world’ on a daily basis.

Oh, I’ve seen those ‘golden retriever’ type moms, and I would give anything to trade personalities with them.  They appear genuinely calm during most situations which is a real bonus with parenting.  

Maybe these lovely relaxed people struggle in other areas of their lives, yet outwardly they are amazing.  I WANT TO BE ONE!

So can a ‘type A-executive-lion’ change her genetic make-up?  Absolutely NOT.

However, refining those moments of my reaction to chaotic situations or managing myself when things go awry is more beneficial mentally, than constantly wanting to be something I am cannot. 

On the bright side with being a more dominant personality is:  procrastination is not in our vocabulary, organization is a bonus, intentional living happens and our to-do list must have an end.

Yet with every strength there is a weakness.  And mine do not need repeating!

With that said, knowing who I am means the challenge of CHANGING!  

Not over-reacting or finding my inner-relaxed state will forever be my impressive feat in life.  And for those that have already conquered this mountain, WELL DONE, now climb on over to mine and give assistance to me!  Lord, knows Type A’s need all the help we can get……


Do Share What’s Your Personality?

~~Simply Passionate~~     




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