Diversify Summer Activities

Choosing to be intentional when it is easier to not be.  Summer can be a time when routines go awry, the days are endless, and life happens too fast unless consciously planning purposeful activities. 

And summer is a fantastic season to TRY SOMETHING NEW, relax the rigid schedule, as well as spending some quality time with your children.

I always plan the week according to a few guidelines: exercise, educational, cultural experience, and nature.  By incorporating these four variables into our weekly routine it keeps me accountable as to not let the summer become stressful, boring or uncertain of what to do.

It is really quite simple, and takes less than thirty minutes a week to plan out the week ahead.

Here Is A Week In Review:

  • Sunday– Family Day Local Park (nature & exercise)
  • Monday– Botanical Gardens (nature & exercise), as they have a spray park in the children’s area.
  • Tuesday– Local Library (educational) for a reader’s theater children’s summer program.
  • Wednesday– Museum (cultural experience) expanding knowledge & learning about other avenues of life.
  • Thursday- Stay At Home Day, consisting of reading, board games, art/craft activities or imaginative play inside and outside.
  • Friday– Beach or pool (exercise), which keeps our swimming skills intact. 
  • Saturday– Theater (cultural), finding ways to incorporate theatrical experiences while supporting the community.           

*Other suggestions for creating a purposeful environment is to plan for kids to learn/try a new skill or hobby.

~I would never have suggested learning to use a sewing machine, except my 8-year old insists that she needs to learn this skill and has a passion for sewing.  So I have arranged a time for an experienced person to teach her some very basic concepts for practicing at home.  She is enjoying very much this new-found skill!

Helping to cultivate what children naturally love to do is easy if you know their personalities, and where they tend to gravitate with each season of life. 

It is neat watching each of my children discover their own unique style, and then finding ways to work towards learning about that interest.  


thSummer is such a wonderful season for incorporating a lot of new weekly adventures, and no two planned activities will ever be the same.  Keeping ‘intentional planning’ in mind will not only build some wonderful memories, but will serve as a guide to what variable is too much or not enough.

Being prepared makes for easier days, less stress and more time to enjoy what really matters…….SUMMER!


Happy Summer

~~Simply Passionate~~










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