Museum Of The Bible

Exploring one unique way for incorporating historical timelines into a diversified worldview.  With recently opening in November 2017, Museum of The Bible was constructed for solving the ‘fact or fiction’ myth that exists in our modern world today.  

The BIBLE is either a book fabricated with stories from long ago, or a historical document to be rendered as truth.  Either way there is only one RIGHT answer, purposely tour this museum and JUDGE FOR YOURSELF!

Located in the heart of Washington D.C., this six floor museum with easy access to parking, is one of the finest cultural experiences imaginable.  Prepare for a 2-4 hour encounter, although if time permits for a longer visit then certainly plan accordingly.

With ALL five senses engaged the journey will begin whichever floor chosen first.  

I recommended venturing to the 3rd Floor with this being the starting point.  It is here that the Stories of the Old Testament & New Testament are brought to life through a 4-D walk-thru computer generated experience.  Extreme sounds, noises, flashing lights, moving walls, as well as loud voices, are all incorporated into this encounter.  Similar to nothing one has ever participated in before……..AND definitely something one will never forget!

Children will appreciate stepping back in time and engaging with those preparing for passover, talking with rabbi’s in the synagogue, as well as learning about how stone olive presses operate.  Linger a little longer and peruse the film currently showing a depiction of the Life of Jesus.

When needing an intermittent break the 1st Floor is equipped with a cafe for grab ‘n’ go snacks and barista bar.

Side Note:  The Milk & Honey Cafe, as well as the Manna Restaurant (Floor 6) both are supplied with mediterranean cuisine.   

There is a children’s gallery as well, which is perfect for ‘burning off’ unwanted energy.  Littles can test their strength like Samson, take down Goliath with a stone or find their ‘balancing’ way through Jerusalem.  A delightful approach for parents in need of a rest!

Floor 4, is for those enamored with ALL THINGS HISTORICAL.  These exhibits of the Bible will journey through time, technology and culture.  

Adventures in Drive Thru History, with Dave Stotts, will be the tour guide through several films, as one ventures through Bibles dated back to Ancient Times.  From Dead Sea Scrolls to the first printing press copy of the Bible, both are on display for viewing.


Side Note: Take time for the presentation of the Gutenberg Printing Press & learn the real story of what happened to Johannes Gutenberg, how the printing press came to exist, as well as how this machine became so important to human history.  Those fortunate enough to participate in a hands-on demonstration will grasp history ‘in the making’ that much more.

2nd Floor, Impact of the Bible, full of hands-on exhibits explaining how the Bible has influenced the entire world and every aspect of life.  Complete with a panoramic view of Jerusalem.  It is here where one can experience the Joshua Booth, encountering real life testimonies of people today and how the Bible has impacted their life.


From singing to fashion the Bible has been fully incorporated somehow into all entities of our world.

Floor 5 is the World Stage Theater & Special Exhibits access with permission only.

Overall, this museum exceeded our families expectations leaving us with a feeling of wanting to return.  

We thought this museum was well planned out with details, historical references, resources for answering lingering questions, as well as enough hands-on exhibits for engaging inquiring minds.  

Appealing to ALL ages, this museum is for anyone seeking knowledge, and understanding, with clarification as to what this historical document, called the BIBLE is really all about, and it’s importance to human history.

Journeying through this museum just may lead a person to finding answers sought after or eventually discovering the TRUTH!!!


Live Life On Purpose…

~~Simply Passionate~~    





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