Disconnected Kids, Struggling Learners & Brain Balance (Part 1)

SIMPLICITY, is never the word used when children are in the midst of the equation.  

Although, kids are not a problem to be solved, it seems that solutions have to present themselves when there is a disconnect between their academic performance and their brain.     

If you have no idea what I am referring to then ‘struggling learner‘ is not in your vocabulary, not yet anyways!

As a homeschooling mom I found myself extremely frustrated with my 7-year-old as the new school year began.  The excitement I felt with new energy, new curriculum, and even new school supplies dwindled quickly as I realized my daughter had not retained certain building blocks needed for reading.  

With a continuation of her reading program over the summer, and only a two-week lapse from the end of level 2, I found her comprehension and retention to be as if she had never mastered the previous level.

imagesThey say a ‘mother’s intuition’ to be accurate enough to know something is not right, and I knew something was ‘generally off’ with the way she processed information during academic learning.  My two-year frustration led me to seek help, and a possible answer at the Brain Balance Center.  

With a two-hour assessment and an hour-long consultation, what they told me was astonishing……….not only did they tell me my daughters primitive reflexes were still turned on from when she was a baby, but the price tag attached to a four-month program at 3x’s a week was highly unbelievable.

Some of the symptoms she was displaying were the inability to retain information given on a day-to-day basis, comprehending and understanding simple directions, focus, distractibility, and maintaining her attention for longer periods of time.  Her physical ‘core’ needed to be strengthened, as well as her balance and gross motor.  WOW, that’s a tall order I thought!      

I trusted the information given to me was accurate with her left and right brain hemisphere’s not being in-sync, but $179 per session for some 36+ weeks was not likely to happen.  NOW WHAT?

Quitting now is not an option, as I have been given a SOLUTION to a complex problem……So what’s a mother to do when trying to offer help to a struggling learner and I feel completely overwhelmed and inadequate?


Thankfully, before leaving the Brain Balance Center they handed me a copy of Disconnected Kids by Dr. Robert Melillo.  A very TECHNICAL read on the way the brain is wired, with assessments that give you answers to whether your child is right or left brain dominant.




AND……some of the research Dr. Melillo has done, and now claims to be beneficial just by making a few minor adjustments to the brain, are yet to be proven true. 

I admit I have mixed feelings of skepticism and hopefulness, but I am willing to do what I can to offer my daughter a more balanced approach to life.  

As for now we have STOPPED all assignments and are currently working on getting a routine in place with some at home vision therapy, exercises that stimulate the hemisphere she is ‘weak’ in and learning to not overload her when it comes to information.

We will continue our routine for the next 12-weeks, and I will update our progress and our findings of what has or has not been working.


For all the frustrated parents who have a ‘struggling learner’ don’t lose heart, there is hope!  Part of the resolution to solving this equation is with perseverance, time, research, and resources.  AND……..With each milestone achieved we will be able to reconnect our ‘disconnected’ kids.







Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 7.18.40 AM   






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